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Highlights from the Holidays


Laughing at the penguins at the Melbourne Aquarium.

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Sachin-isms circa end of 2008.  He’s 4.5 years now.

Applause I want to!

We have 2 beany kids at school.
(Guinea pigs)

Lets play with our light saver.
(light sabre)

Are we going to the sookermarket?

Royal Children’s Hostipal

Sachin is rapidly losing much of his babyness.   He’s filling out into his skin & developing an identity all his own.
I ache at the thought that all this will be history shortly.

Better stock up on his cuddles, I guess.

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And when they wake up…

..a new world begins.

It’s less than 5 hours to when Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th president of the USA.
The boys are fast asleep.  And so will I before too long.

The coming of the O man has given rise to so much optimism & hope.
To so many, who are, on the face of it,  quite removed from what happens in America.

Yet I can’t help feeling  joyous, hopeful & energised.
I am amazed that so many of us are actually feeling as we do.
It tells me that we have always had this in us.
Obama has helped awaken us – and reminded us of who we really are & can be.

I hope we stay awakened, energised & determined to remake our part of the fishpond.
Mine, I guess, begins with me.  And the boys.

Ata rangi.  New beginnings.

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The Boys

Brothers in arms
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The name

Both Satchin & Rohan love singing the nursery rhyme “Wheels on the Bus”.
They often sing the song on our car trips.
Particularly our modified lyrics.
“Bugs on the bus bite your bum, bite your bum, bite your bum!”
That really gets them going.

That glee captures the spirit of this journey.